In this Episode I talk with Jules White. We talk about her TEDx experience, trip to the Dragons Den, and how storytelling is a key par of your Unique Human Proposition.

Jules White is an awards winning international sales consultant with over 30 years of business and sales experience. Working in many different sectors selling everything from baby products to stainless steel to Yellow Pages she has also experienced every job role within sales, from
telesales through to Sales Director and has a wonderful breadth of knowledge and experience to bring to her work.

She also secured investment from Peter Jones in the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, which is the ultimate pitch to win!

Her passion and mission is to bring a new outlook and perception to sales in the modern business age we live in, which will help you to truly be unique.

Her ‘Live it, Love it, Sell it’ entrepreneur programme is also a book, and now the creation of UHP – Unique Human Proposition® takes it up a gear to deliver this effective methodology to the corporate market too. Her style is passionate, inclusive and she immerses herself fully into
your business in order to work as part of your team.

Jules’ ultimate aim is to make sure you create an unparalleled sales experience for all of your customers through you and your unique people.

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