In this Episode I talk with Jenny Siede who is the Chief Thinker and Founder of In Style Exchange (ISE), an American Sustainable Manufacturing Hub for sustainable product design, technology-based product development and small run productions Made-in-USA since 2006.

We talk about the “RIO Project” How she got into computer engineering when women really were the exception and how software engineering and fashion design are really not all that different.

Jenny loves solving product design challenges with the right kind of materials and her detail-oriented method of execution. Her background in Computer Science and Engineering creates the right development synergy to help her clients navigate the complexity of supply chain. Her current projects include consultancy for an EU country on Circular Economy, shape-swimwear for women, wearables with sensors for performance evaluation, and ViroBlock® fabric for healthcare applications.

Theme music by Spence – Elevators Need Rock Too.

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  • by Stuart King
    Posted 09 - 22

    Great insights from Jenny. Please invite her back, I would love to hear more about wearables and what’s new and what is being developed.

    • by Thedougthompson
      Posted 09 - 23

      Thanks for the kind words Stuart. Jenny is indeed a great guest and may have her back. Thank you for listening.

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